Frequently Ask Questions

1. Can I receive prizes distributed as the United States?
No, because of custom and transports duties, and administrative complexity. Our local representative will give you the equivalent of prizes in your country. You'll receive prizes once per username.

2. Is the member who chooses his free package or the company?
It's the company that selects and offers based on available stock. Anyway, each member should have his free package.

3. Is my winnings can be change?
No, for American, European and Asian members. Yes, for African members depending of their dowlines

4. Can I organize training meetings for my downlines ?
Yes, you can. You are just supposed to notify us about it and you'll receive instructions about it.

5. What if I don't have a credit card?
Just contact us and you'll receive a voucher code to access.

6. How can I contact the company?
We encourage anyone with a question or comment to Contact us by e-mail.

7. How can I contact the company?
We encourage anyone with a question or comment to Contact us by e-mail.

8. What kind of support will I receive as an Ororplus member?
Friendly member support are paramount in building a world-renown company, you'll receive an incredible resource of business tools when you join your own replicated web-site and can participate any business opportunity activities, we are here to help you build your business.

9. Is there any age requirement to become an Ororplus member?
YES!! You must be at least 18 years of age to participate as an Ororplus member.

10. Is it safe to give you my credit card information over the internet?
YES! We have a secure server for your credit card payments. We do not keep credit cards on file so no one can access affer your transation is complete.

11. How much time should I work everyday?
You customize your business to your individual gools and desires , you may want a fun diversion in your already busy life.

12. Do I need to sell any products?
No, you don't need to sell any products. But for more explanations, you could ask to your upline.

13. How do I receive my bonus and commissions?
Ororplus will give each member an online account called a e-wallet. All cash bonus or commissions are transferred instantly to your e-wallet. All cash bonus or commissions can also be transferred to your nominated bank account or a Debit Card. It's also possible to receive it through our local representative.

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